Lost in Oreo Moment, Carson Faces Tough Questions About HUD

 · Porter, a no-nonsense questioner, was not amused when Carson apparently misunderstood and asked if the question was about an Oreo, the tasty cookie. Instead of taking the opportunity at the moment and making a light joke about the.

Reason Roundup. Ben Carson’s ‘Oreo’ Gaffe Highlights Acronym Madness at Federal Agencies Plus: New York may ban 3d-printed guns and most Americans support Roe v.Wade.

His BIAS against Trump was clearly evident. Trump was accused of being a RACIST while he asked question after question. We all know for a fact that he DESPISES our President. No one expected tough questions to be asked and if there were any the questioner was accused of spewing the talking points of the GOP.

U.S. sen. tim scott faces Ben Carson one day after demanding answers about dining set. When Scott had his chance to ask Carson a few questions, he did not mention during the meeting was that a.

Housing secretary Ben Carson confuses home foreclosures for OREO cookies US news Yesterday Carson, who has served as President Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development since 2017, appeared unfamiliar with real estate terms cited by Rep. Katie Porter, who questioned him on various housing issues during Tuesday’s House Financial.

The incident is likely to fuel questions about the liberal icon’s physical condition as he gears up for what will undoubtedly be a gruelling campaign against 14 other Democrats currently in the race..

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HUD lost half a trillion dollars," as that is the headline she has seen floating around conservative Twitter and media. HUD lost half a trillion dollars," as that is the headline she has seen floating around conservative Twitter and media.

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson defends his Oreo gaffe and blames people for trying to ‘ridicule’ him, saying ‘of course’ he knows what an REO is Housing and urban development secretary ben Carson underplayed his "REO" gaffe during a congressional hearing and said the incident could be attributed.

 · Recently proposed hud policy showed that Carson was a major proponent for a rule that would effectively evict as many as 55,000 immigrant children from the nation’s public housing.