Should you opt for home loan overdraft facility?

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Who should you opt for it Home loan overdraft is good for double income families that have surplus amount or businessmen who get regular surplus funds.

When to opt for the home loan overdraft? "The home loan overdraft facility is a good option, if you are sure that you will be able to save some extra money every month, after paying the regular EMI.

An overdraft is a facility that allows you to withdraw more money than what you have in your bank account, subject to certain limits. The advantage of taking a loan against property using the overdraft option is that you have to pay interest only on the money you withdraw, till the time you repay it.

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Every home loan borrower looks forward to pay off his debt before the actual tenure ends. Part pre-payment facility. you can still withdraw from your account. Or can approach the bank to close your.

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When friend or relative is unable to help you can opt for either personal loan or overdraft facility from the bank. A personal loan is an unsecured loan. It is not secured against any assets such as car loan, home loan etc. If you opt for overdraft facility it is a facility to borrow money via current account.

Is home loan overdraft facility a good option? Apply Home Loan 2019 657 views Home loan overdraft facility is good option, if you are very much sure that you will be able to save some extra money every month after paying the regular EMI.

He said that a home loan with the overdraft facility is linked to a home loan borrower’s bank account and surplus funds can be parked in that account. The surplus funds over and above the EMI is treated as pre-payments towards the home loan.

Taking a top-up loan on an existing home loan. this facility to their existing customers, as a bank customer you also have to have a regular payment record along with a good credit score to get a.

/u/potatodrinker on Home loan arrears on the rise as high debt and low wage growth bite Following Tuesday’s interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank, a number of other prominent lenders have announced their intentions – including for business loan rates. In the hours after the RBA’s announcement, all four major banks announced they would be cutting interest rates – only two

Fixed and floating both interest options are offered by a bank. You should compare and carefully decide between fix and floating interest rate. It is recommended to opt for a fixed interest rate. Lump sum or overdraft both facilities are offered by LAP. You have to decide which option to select lump sum or overdraft.