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Bob Kwapis to Honour Veterans at 'Stronger, Freer' Performances.

Bob Kwapis, Ward 5 Councillor, pictured with Jackie Playter (who's working on the Vimy Ridge exhibit)

The Stronger, Freer Project is pleased to announce that Bob Kwapis, Ward 5 Councillor for Newmarket, will be honouring veterans before every performance of the Stronger, Freer shows in Newmarket on November 11 and 12.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity of honouring our veterans before every performance of 'Stronger, Freer'' in Newmarket", said Bob Kwapis, Ward 5 Councillor for Newmarket. "Through 'Stronger, Freer' we live through the challenges and celebrations of family over multiple generations. Some of those challenges have been the wars we've fought, and we need to recognize that there was a heavy price paid for the freedoms we enjoy today. That's why I'm so pleased to ensure that these veterans are publicly thanked for their service."

Andrew talking to Elizabeth after he comes home from Vimy Ridge (second act) (1917)

The producers of Stronger, Freer have set aside free tickets for veterans. If you know a veteran who wants to attend the show please call 647-202-2353 to arrange for tickets before November 8.

"We are so privileged to have Bob Kwapis honour our veterans before each of the Newmarket performances", said Patrick Lannigan, co-author of Stronger, Freer. "Bob immediately understood the spirit of the show and the value of its themes and asked how he could help."

Stronger, Freer has played to sold out audiences and standing ovations in Stouffville. See our reviews.

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(Spoiler: The Leafs win the cup at the 1:05 mark - because 1967!!!)

Meet the Robertsons

Take a trip with the Robertsons through 150 years as a family, as they face the challenges of Canada (and the victories too!). "You will laugh, you will cry".

act 1: pre-confederation (charlottetown)

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act 2: 1917 (truro)

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act 3: 1967 (toronto)

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act 4: present day (charlottetown via kelowna)

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