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'Stronger, Freer' Production Team (Stouffville Show)

A special thank you goes out to Frank Cutrara who can produce awesome photos like the ones you see below. If you want quality photos like these please visit Cutrara Creative website.

Your Production Team

This is the production team that has been working so hard to bring this show to you. Most of them will be working behind the scenes during the performance. You'll get to see Stronger, Freer on June 15, 17 and 18 at Nineteen on the Park in Stouffville.

Sidnei Auler (Sound Design)

Sidnei Auler

Sidnei is getting comfortable in the role of sound design, but feels he has much to learn. He’s done numerous productions with Stouffville Theatre Company, including the recent Momologues 2: Off to School and Dial ‘M’ for Murder and won an award with All Together Now at Durham Minifest. He’s also worked with Scarborough Theatre to create the soundscape for Tons of Money. Sidnei was honoured to be asked to create the sounds for Stronger, Freer and is looking forward to being involved in the inaugural run. Thank you to the cast and production team for always making it fun. “Break a Leg” … and thank you Catherine, for the support.

Ron Brownsberger (Set Dressing, Lighting Design)

Ron Brownsberger

Ron started building sets twenty-seven years ago and has created sets or designed lighting for over forty shows. In Stouffville he did the sets for Storm Warning and Bienvenue Oh Trout Lake for Markham Little Theatre, and The Affections of May and Dial M for Murder for Stouffville Theatre Company in Stouffville and Uxbridge. It would have taken a revolving stage to provide the three locations in Stronger, Freer, so the decision was made to let the audience imagine the walls. Hopefully the changes in furnishings will help you move easily through the four time periods.

Lisa MacDonald (Properties)

Lisa MacDonald

Lisa has worked in various roles including Production Assistant and Stage Manager for Steppin’ Out Theatrical Productions and Broadway North Youth Theatre and has been enjoying the process of the original production of Stronger, Freer. It has been amazing to work with such an experienced production team. Lisa would like to thank Marianne and Patrick for being such great people and for letting her join in the on the fun. Lisa would also like to thank her family for their support and encouragement in all the exciting activities she partakes. Sit back and enjoy the talented cast acting out a story of a Canadian family through 150 years.

Priscilla Marr (Costumes)

Priscilla Marr

Priscilla has been working in community theatre since 2006. Costuming was her first involvement and she has been nominated twice in that capacity, winning her first ACT-CO award for Markham Little Theatre's production of Hayfever in 2008. Beginning in 2015, her role changed to Producer for Stouffville Theatre Company. Priscilla is honoured to be working as Costumer as we showcase the premier production of Stronger, Freer.

Sarah McDonald (Stage Manager)

Sarah McDonald

Sarah is a high school teacher and academic advisor by day, and a community theatre addict by night. A proud member of Markham Little Theatre, and winner of last year's ACT-CO award for Best Stage Manager - Drama for Doubt: A Parable, this her first time stage managing for the Stouffville Theatre Company. She is having a fantastic time working with such a creative group of people, and is thrilled to be a part of the debut of Stronger, Freer. Congratulations to Marianne and Patrick for having the courage of their convictions, and for creating this wonderful adventure!

Marianne Lannigan (Director, Co-Producer)

Marianne Lannigan

Marianne’s background in theatre began in the early ‘80’s when she graduated from the Music-Theatre program at Sheridan College. Performances include Jack’s Mother in Into the Woods, Steppin’ Out Theatrical Productions and Jean in Stouffville Theatre Company’s award winning production of All Together Now for the Durham Minifest. Marianne directed her first full show (Dial M For Murder) last year for Stouffville Theatre Company’s first entry in the ACT-CO festival and is beyond thrilled to now bring Stronger, Freer to the stage.

Patrick Lannigan (Co-Producer)

Patrick Lannigan (with "Blue Steel" look)

Patrick is one of the founding board members of the Stouffville Theatre Company and is excited to be introduced to the world of producing through this particular show. As ex VP of Marketing in the software industry, he brings a wealth of experience to the business side of this production while at the same exercising the creative side of his brain. Being co-writer, co-producer, and promoter for Stronger, Freer has been quite an adventure! Thanks to the local community for all your support!

Tamara Rasmussen (Assistant Stage Manager)

Tamara Rasmussen

Tamara has performed as a singer in the genres of gospel, classical, and pop and has studied, performed and taught in Toronto, Vancouver, and locally. Tamara has long been involved with local theatre having done variety shows, Music Mania, private productions, and taught musical theatre. She was also part of a relief team to the Baltics, using theatre as a cultural bridge. She played the role of Anna in YDAPA's production of The King and I, and last year was involved backstage in Stouffville Theatre Company's production of Dial M for Murder. Tamara continues her backstage presence as Assistant Stage Manager for this production of Stronger, Freer.

Marita Concil (Front-of-House)

Marita Concil

Marita has taken the lead with all of our front-of-house duties as of late, managing ushers, concessions, and coordinating with the stage manager. Marita has been front-of-house for most of our recent productions including: Dial M for Murder, MOMologues2: Off to School, It's a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play, PS Uncle Angus, and others.

Again, a special thank you goes out to Frank Cutrara who can create awesome photos like the ones you see above, in his studio. If you want quality photos like these please visit Cutrara Creative website.

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Stronger, Freer is a play that follows a family through 150 years of Canadian history and is playing in Stouffville on June 15, 17, and 18. Tickets are available online here, and from handsome men in Stouffville.

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