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PKG Providing Laptop Bags to
help promote 'Stronger, Freer'


May 29, 2017

We're pleased to announce that PKG, a Canadian company located in Stouffville, is providing laptop bags to help promote 'Stronger, Freer'.

"PKG has a fantastic product line with the performance and resilience that's required to carry all of our valuable electronic items", said Patrick Lannigan, board member of Stouffville Theatre Company and co-author of 'Stronger, Freer'. "We were delighted that they are helping to support 'Stronger, Freer' as part of the Canada 150 celebration here in Stouffville."

When are we giving away these laptop bags?

We're giving away one laptop bag in the next few days, and the other three will be given away at our shows on June 15, 17, and 18 at Nineteen on the Park, in Stouffville. Make sure you've liked our Facebook Page so you're made aware.

Need to know why PKG products are selling so well?

The specific bag they've donated to us is model LB06 and you only have to look at the product and read the LB06 specifications to understand why it's currently sold out. To look at their entire line of products, visit the main PKG website.

Photo of PKG's awesome looking laptop bag (LB06)

About Stronger, Freer

Stronger, Freer is a play that follows a family through 150 years of Canadian history and is playing in Stouffville on June 15, 17, and 18. Tickets are available online here, and from handsome men in Stouffville.

Find out more about our contribution to Stouffville's Canada 150.

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Get Newmarket Tickets!

We're playing in Newmarket on November 11 (at 8PM) and November 12 (at 2PM)

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