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Stouffville Toyota
Sponsors 'Stronger, Freer'

Kevin Baxter is another Stouffville handsome man. He's also Dealer Principal and General Manager for Stouffville Toyota

The Stronger, Freer project is pleased to announce that Stouffville Toyota is sponsoring 'Stronger, Freer', a play written specifically for Canada 150..

"We are overjoyed to see such enthusiastic support in Stouffville for Canada 150 event like this", said Patrick Lannigan, board member of Stouffville Theatre Company. "As Dealer Principal and General Manager for Stouffville Toyota, Kevin Baxter is investing in the future of Canada by sponsoring a play like this, ensuring that future generations appreciate how far our country has come."

"As an owner of a Toyota Prius, and a customer of Stouffville Toyota, I have no problem recommending their cars and their services", Lannigan added.

You can have a look at the latest models available at the Stouffville Toyota website.

About Stronger, Freer

Stronger, Freer is a play that follows a family through 150 years of Canadian history and is playing in Stouffville on June 15, 17, and 18. Tickets are available online here, and from handsome men in Stouffville.

Find out more about our contribution to Stouffville's Canada 150.


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