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Thanks to Sandy MacKenzie,
Stouffville's State Farm Agent,
for Sponsoring 'Stronger, Freer'

(left to right)Heather, Pam, Sandy

The Stronger, Freer project is pleased to announce that Sandy MacKenzie, a State Farm agent in Stouffville, is sponsoring 'Stronger, Freer', a play written specifically for Canada 150.

"Like so many Stouffville residents, Sandy was enthusiastic when he first heard about this original work", said Patrick Lannigan, board member of Stouffville Theatre Company and co-author of the play. "It means so much to us to partner with local businesses, like State Farm, to make events like this happen."

"I've worked with the State Farm organization in a past business life", Lannigan added, "and I have a lot of respect for their professional and steadfast approach to business and care for their customers."

If you'd like to talk to Sandy MacKenzie about insurance you can reach him at 905-642-4546 or go to his website.

Stronger Freer is a passion project by Patrick and Marianne Lannigan.

Marianne Lannigan, our Artistic Director, can be reached at or 647-457-4828

Patrick Lannigan can be reached at or 647-202-2353

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