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JHJ Design is Official Sock Sponsor for 'Stronger, Freer'

Christine Lee and Lisa MacDonald of JHJ Design

The Stronger, Freer Project is pleased to announce that JHJ Design is the offical sock sponsor for the Stronger, Freer performances in Newmarket on November 11 and 12.

"We are so pleased that JHJ Design is offering their beautiful Canada 150 socks as an intermission draw giveaway for the Stronger, Freer performances", said Patrick Lannigan, co-author of Stronger, Freer. "There are other sock design companies out there, but there's none we've found that match the quality of JHJ Design. You just have to wear those socks, and look at them, to see and feel the difference."

JHJ Design is also donating 10% of the proceeds of their featured sock collection on their home page to Inn From the Cold (Newmarket).

"When Lisa MacDonald first told me about the concept of 'Stronger, Freer' and the tie-in with the Canada 150, I thought it was a great opportunity to support a local Newmarket production and show off our products", said Christine Lee, VP of Sales for JHJ Design. "Lisa has not only been a great asset to the fulfillment management of JHJ Design but she also is an energetic supporter of local theatre productions and we applaud her for that."

JHJ Design is a Newmarket company and it supplies socks to prestigious art galleries including The Art Gallery of Ontario, and The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, and various boutiques across Canada.

About JHJ Design

JHJ INTERNATIONAL Company Limited is a Canadian hosiery design company based in Newmarket, Ontario. JHJ was created by its founders as a way to launch new form of hosiery designs. It combines their lifetime of manufacturing expertise, experience and skills with new design innovations to add more life to an otherwise ordinary product . Our goal is to change the way people feel about socks as a fashion accessory that needs to stay hidden and subtle. We will constantly strive to evolve, innovate on making hosiery products more exciting, vibrant and enjoyable for you to wear.

The JHJ team dreams of new hosiery products consistently and therefore challenges our supplier to develop new technological advances to make design of hosiery products that is truly unique and novel. Our latest endeavour together have given us the ability to design images inspired by timeless, priceless and famous artworks. This has become the benchmark for new artistic hosiery to come.

JHJ Design has achieved a great beginning working with two prestigious art galleries, The Art Gallery of Ontario and The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and various boutiques across Canada.

You can contact JHJ Design at with any inquiries.

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