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Schell Lumber
Sponsors 'Stronger, Freer'


The Stronger, Freer project is pleased to have had Schell Lumber as a sponsor for 'Stronger, Freer', a play written specifically for Canada 150.

"Schell Lumber has been a great supporter of Stouffville Theatre Company, and we were pleased to promote their services in association with Stronger, Freer, a Stouffville Canada 150 event", said Patrick Lannigan, board member of Stouffville Theatre Company. "It's so great to walk into a hardware store that still feels like it's successful because of long term relationships they have with contractors, residents of our town, and arts organizations. That says so much. But you need to be careful. If you walk in early on a Saturday, just after they've had their coffees, and the jokes start flying, you may not escape. Ever."

You can have a look at their latest products on their Schell Lumber website or their Facebook page.

About Stronger, Freer

Stronger, Freer is a play that follows a family through 150 years of change in Canada.

Stronger Freer is a passion project by Patrick and Marianne Lannigan.

Marianne Lannigan, our Artistic Director, can be reached at or 647-457-4828

Patrick Lannigan can be reached at or 647-202-2353

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