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Roots Supplies Footwear for 'Stronger, Freer' Shows

Roots "Trans Canada Joggers" (Africa colour)

The Stronger, Freer Project is pleased to announce that Roots Canada is suppyling their beautiful Trans Canada Joggers for use in the last act of 'Stronger, Freer' a play written specifically for Canada 150.

Courage. The Roots 'Celebrating 150 Years of being Nice' Video

"We wanted to reach out to Canadian companies to see who would respond and Roots was not only responsive to our needs, but they supplied the product, in the right size, in a matter of days", said Patrick Lannigan, board member of the Stouffville Theatre Company, and co-author of the play. "They really cared, at a senior level. That was awesome."

"It's so great to work with a Canadian company that sweats the details", added Lannigan, "and Roots is certainly one of those companies. You only have to look at their 'Celebrating 150 Years of Being Nice' video to see the courage and conviction they have in what they do."

Be Nice. Buy a nice™ Button

Roots Canada has created a button with 100% of the profits going to WE. Here's an excerpt from their website.

100% of the profits from every purchase of a nice™ button or limited-edition enamel pin supports Indigenous Youth Empowerment Programming run by WE. Help us reach our goal of $150,000 for this nice cause by purchasing your nice™ button or pin and wearing it proudly.

Buy your nice™ button on the Roots Canada website.

Stronger Freer is a passion project by Patrick and Marianne Lannigan.

Marianne Lannigan, our Artistic Director, can be reached at or 647-457-4828

Patrick Lannigan can be reached at or 647-202-2353

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