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Stouffville Lions Club
Supports 'Stronger, Freer'
with Ticket Sales

The Stouffville Lions Club

The Stronger, Freer project is pleased to announce that Stouffville Lions Club are supporting 'Stronger, Freer', an original Canada 150 play written in Stouffville.

"We are overjoyed that the Stouffville Lions Club are supporting 'Stronger, Freer' through a bulk purchase of tickets aimed at grade 10 students", said Patrick Lannigan, board member of Stouffville Theatre Company and co-author of the play. "The Stouffville Lions do so much in Stouffville for youth, families in need, and special causes."

The long list of activities that the Stouffville Lions participates in includes:

Stronger Freer is a passion project by Patrick and Marianne Lannigan.

Marianne Lannigan, our Artistic Director, can be reached at or 647-457-4828

Patrick Lannigan can be reached at or 647-202-2353

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