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Buckley Insurance signs on as Promotional Sponsor for 'Stronger, Freer'

Jo-Ann, Manuela, and Stephanie from Buckley Insurance at 247 Main St South, Newmarket

The Stronger, Freer Project is pleased to announce that Buckley Insurance has signed on as promotional sponsor for the Stronger, Freer performances in Newmarket on November 11 and 12.

"We are pleased to help promote this show about a Canadian family over the course of 150 years in Canada at the Newmarket Old Town Hall Theatre ", said Brian Tatum, Business Development & Marketing Coordinator for Buckley Insurance in Newmarket, "and we look forward to honouring the veterans before every performance."

Stronger, Freer features five actors from Newmarket in the Newmarket performances. To see the full cast visit this page.

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You can reach Buckley Insurance at 1-888-234-3247 or contact them here.

About Stronger, Freer

Stronger, Freer is a play that has played to sold out audiences in Stouffville (and standing ovations!). The play follows a family through 150 years of Canadian history in four acts. There's a trailer on the main page and there are plenty of reviews here. If you're interested in tickets please visit our tickets page.

Stronger Freer is a passion project by Patrick and Marianne Lannigan.

Marianne Lannigan, our Artistic Director, can be reached at or 647-457-4828

Patrick Lannigan can be reached at or 647-202-2353

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