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Newmarket Cast (left-to-right): Luther Wood,Barba Jones, John Sellens, Robyn MacDonald, Taylor Holmes, Leonard Scott-Collins, Jack Dukart, Laura Halley-Morris, Bryan Mailey, Deb LoPatriello, Lily Jones

Thank you to everyone from Newmarket and Stouffville who supported Stronger, Freer.

You helped us develop and fine tune the show.

And we are so pleased with the results.

The standing ovations were great, but the hugs and warm greetings after the show were even better.

Stronger, Freer 2.0 - Newmarket

Stronger, Freer: The Trailer

It's hard to capture the electricity of the stage on video! Nevertheless, we included some of the lighter moments. ( Spoiler: The Leafs win the cup at the 1:05 mark - because 1967 )

Meet the Robertsons

Take a ride with the Robertsons through 150 years as this Canadian family faces down the challenges of Canada. You will laugh, you will cry.

act 1: pre-confederation (charlottetown)

poverty, jobs, education, sickness, family, confederation, humility

act 2: 1917 (truro)

war, conscription, Vimy Ridge, Halifax explosion, love, family, Canadian winter

act 3: 1967 (toronto)

equal rights, sexuality, generation gap, friendship, Maple Leafs

act 4: present day (charlottetown via kelowna)

social media, family legacy, Aspergher's character, Gord Downie, family legacy

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